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frequently Asked Questions

Return Policy

I appreciate your business and support with my brand Feed the Crocs.

As an artist, I strive on creating quality pieces of art, most that require many hours, days or weeks of effort to obtain my high standards of creation.

As of 2024, I have combined my work of artistry with apparel that I have personally thrifted from local stores or personally sourced from partners. Other apparel options such as blank t- shirts are sourced from a selected wholesale dealer in Canada.

I am not responsible for the quality of the products I thrift- besides my personal judgment of finding  apparel that is well looked after.  I will always state the brand or producer of the garmet used for art, as well if the product is made from scratch or a revamp of its original.

I decide my prices based off of the effort it takes for the creation process as well as compensation for the supplies required to produce- and the apparel used for the custom design.

All Items will have sizing stated on each product page - or a custom sizing chart for vintage apparel - therefore it is up to you as a consumer to understand your sizing requirements before buying. If you have any questions about the fit of a product- do not hesitate to reach out.

Please note that I do not currently offer returns. However, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, I will happily be available to assist you in your inquiries. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any assistance you may need, questions you may have, or reasoning behind why your order requires a return. 

I do not have any control over how my products are handled during the shipping process. As a artist and business owner- my goal is to make packing very personal and prioritize that my pieces of art are protected during this process so that my supporters are happy with there purchase.

Although things do happen out of our control- and if this is the case- the art has clear visible signs that it has been damaged in the process- I will help sort out a positive solution for both party's.

After Care

Instructions for aftercare

We all want our apparel to stay as fresh and new as the day that we bought it- ESPECIALLY if our hard earned dollars bought a custom piece of art.

Don't worry, I do to, and thankfully I have dedicated a huge amount of time testing out my methods of creation since I started dabbling in the apparel business.

Your job as a new proud owner of some custom crocs apparel- is to wear your piece proudly, don't worry about treating these pieces of art like delicate little flowers- I promise you they can withhold a lot of wear and tear.

HTV applications

The previous years and to this day, some of my apparel is combined using a method of HTV- Heat Transfer Vinyl application- which is essentially a process of cutting out your designs on vinyl material and using a high heat press to melt that vinyl onto the garment.

HTV withholds a lot of use, although it is HEAT SENSITIVE

therefore- if your apparel has any sort of htv application-

It is machine dry able- But eventually over time the vinyl will start to wear down or wrinkle

I recommend No irons!

if you must use a iron- just put a heat protection between the vinyl and the iron, otherwise the vinyl will likely melt or loose its adhesive.

Screen Prints

This year I have began using screen printing processes to paint custom pieces on apparel.

Screen printing inks are water based and heat sensitive- therefore they can be cured using high heat and will not come off in the washing machine or dryer.

My custom pieces which will mainly be screen printed are pretty much like any other piece of clothing you might own.

Toss them in the washing machine normally as you would and dry them as you would.


My goal is to create a customs brand that is unique and individualized. But performs as any normal apparel brand.

All garments are tested, washed or worn.

Most custom apparel is thrifted- and you should always wash or dry according to the directions given by the original apparel company.


I recommend to follow through with these instructions to keep the longevity and newness of your apparel by us-

Gentle cycles in the washing machine- or hand wash.

Air drying your apparel to lessen the exposure to heat, especially if the piece is HTV.

Following these basic instructions for after care will help your piece of art last for years to come.

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