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"Unveiling My First Zine: Capturing the Essence of Survival and Abandonment

A close friend of mine started handing out copies of her own personal zines recently- and at first I was ecstatic about her means of creating art and expression. I hung that zine up on my wall like it was an artifact in a museum, proud of my pals work and vulnerability. This was the spark in creativity that I had been waiting for. I so desperately needed a solution to my artist block. Endless nights of sitting at my computer or with a paper and pen in front of me with not a single thought floating in my overwhelmed brain.

I was going through so much at the the time- heartbreak- loss- the inability to find my direction in life- I just wanted to do what I do- create, and I couldn't. So the day I received my first 'gifted' zine was the day that I realized that art doesn't have to be thought through- it can just be a bunch of scribbles on a piece of paper. I've always known this but I would get so caught up in the fact that it had to be on the level of creativity I've worked so long and hard to get to. At the end of the day that was only halting my ability to create. I got to work- decided I would grab a paper and just write out my thoughts at the time with no direction at all whatsoever- and indeed I made my first little zine.

Since then- I have created multiple and it pushed me into a deep creative endeavor of pursuing my own small mag through my brand- which soon ill be excited to announce to the community.

Created by Steph Wallace


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